Breakfast noms


Yum! I made sure to stick to my original breakfast idea, which was basically just to add a hard boiled egg to a salad. I weighed out the veggies and was surprised (in a good way) to find that I was only eating one cup of the spring mix and spinach instead of the two cups serving size.

I also drank three cups of water already. I’m officially on a roll. Woohoo!

Hope you’re all having a fantastic day 🙂


Motivated on this snowy afternoon

Yawn! I was super super motivated when I went to sleep last night; like totally and completely motivated. I just woke up about 20 minutes ago and am just a wee bit less motivated. I will blame sleepiness and I vow to push through it and kick some butt today.

I have to get a bunch of work done. For those of you who do not know, I am a freelancer. My dream is to get a book published and blahblahblah later in my life; however, for now I would be perfectly content getting paid to write. I am writing for a few different companies, but it is not quite enough work so I am also doing a few other administrative type things (yay to using my degree). I really enjoy getting to work from home, but it also makes me awfully lazy. I have a bit of a problem sticking to my schedules working like this and that is something that I am trying to work on. I am almost tempted to give myself set hours each day and have that be work time so that I am definitely on a set schedule. I don’t know. We’ll see.

As of right now my plan for the day is to get in 30 minutes of exercise, take a shower, eat breakfast and then work for a little while. I have my meals planned out (like I mentioned) and will hopefully stick to that. Hopefully. I will be posting a screen shot of my completed diary entry on myfitnesspal after the day is done. With any luck my calories/macros will be where they should, my exercise will be plentiful, and my water intake will be around 12 cups.

It is snowing and gorgeous outside today, which I admit makes me want to curl up in my bed and watch a bunch of West Wing on Netflix and be completely and totally unproductive. I’ll just have to close the curtain :p

Here’s to a great first day back on track!


Weight Loss Part II

Hello fit-fam!

It is an earlier night for me. Well, let me clarify that because for a lot of people it is morning time (ya know as 5AM is supposed to be). I have been getting into my bed around 6 or so each morning, but I guess all of the running around has gotten the best of me. If I was smart I would get in about a half hour of exercise and then sleep at 5:30, which in my defense is still earlier than what I have been doing. We’ll see.

Shopping was definitely a success. I made my list and added it to myfitnespal account and am pretty confident that I am going to be able to gorge myself silly on healthier foods and still lose a crap ton of weight; my goal.. in case you were wondering 😉

Actually, my goal makes me a bit sad. I originally had 140 pounds to lose. Yes, yikes! For those of you who know me and who followed my journey the first time around you know that I hated my starting weight. I mean, I know you aren’t supposed to hate your body and blahblahblah. My point is, at a horrifying 271 pounds,  I hated my body. It wasn’t so much my body I suppose. It was more a deep anger at allowing myself to be so freaking unhealthy. As someone who has massive anxiety (panic attacks are not fun) and who is constantly worrying about dropping dead, you’d think I’d be healthy; wrong! So after years and years and years of lots of awful-for-me foods I jumped on board the lifestyle change and voila! I was actually good at it. Then I went through some emotional things and heyyyy it turns out I am a MAJOR emotional eater. I went from losing almost 100lbs.. (I was down to 179 pounds guys ONE SEVENTY NINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)… to weighing 245 pounds again. AHHHHHH. I hope you can sense the absolute self-hate and DISGUST that I am feeling. Or felt. Okay, feeling. I know, I know you are thinking “but Jamie, you did it once and you can do it again. don’t beat yourself up about it”…and you would be right except… I HAD ALMOST LOST 100 POUNDS! Yes, that was my 10 year old child rant for you all. I hope it was enjoyed.

So I am back to needing to lose about 110 pounds. I have been discouraged and disappointed in myself, which you should know only aided to my emotional eating and thus weight gain. I am still discouraged and disappointed in myself; however, the difference is that I actually want to move forward. I want to put down the cheeseburger (okay, you caught me… double cheeseburger…and large fry…and cake…and brownies….ooo and ice cream…cookies….okay okay…anything NOT nailed down) and become bffs (not an exaggeration) with my elliptical. I want to feel great and look better.

I was looking at pictures tonight of my transformation. I LOOKED DAMN GOOD, GUYS. I mean not to toot my own horn, but yum! I didn’t even realize how fantastic I was looking until I realized that I cannot fit into the clothes that I was wearing in those pictures. yikes!

So, basically, I’m back. I am here and I am determined.

Let’s do this.


Dieting is hard

So making grocery lists are hard. Want to know why? Dieting is hard. Yep, end of story.

I know what you are thinking: don’t think of it as a diet, think of if as a new lifestyle.

…Uh huh. Riiiiight.

Then I will appease you. Life is hard.

And so I say this after having stuffed myself merrily with fast food. I’m back to diet..I mean lifestyle..planning.

I think I am going to go back to trying to eat around 1,200 to 1,400 calories a day. which is unfortunate because the chocolate shake I had was basically that much. Sigh.

I plan on going back to posting pictures of my progress with daily updates and weekly weigh ins.

You’ll find that I will still want a chocolate shake, but I’ll rant about how I am killing that craving with a protein bar instead. Basically, I am ready to kick major butt again.

Booyah loves,